Aimless Allegories

by Thread Mountain

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released September 25, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Cells
Might as well
All your cells
By themselves
Ache all the same
We know you’re sad
Get over it
If you don’t
She’ll just be glad
Track Name: Louise
Louise doesn’t mind cause every single time she sets her bed on fire
The sheets get tied they twist the flames rise and the sparks will float up higher
She sits down on the floorboards, plucks a Phillip Morris and sways there feeling weightless
Louise doesn’t mind cause every single time she lights up with her best friends

Louise wouldn’t mind when I would come to find that the mattress was in ashes
And I never said a word not cause’ I knew she’d never learn but because she wouldn’t hear me
She’ll push aside the records Ill sit down on the floorboards, shell tap her Phillip Morris
Louise doesn’t mind cause every single time she sways there feeling weightless
Track Name: The Pond
Our fiends
Tonight well show them to your garden
With all the lilies and the lotus
And LEDs strung up around us
I’ll catch your reflection
The ones you scraped along the floorboards
Will skip and scratch the night to nothing
We’ll stack our solo cups to a frame
Ill catch the ricochets